#Cashflow time!  So I'm in this awesome monthly marketing group called "The Hour A Day Entrepreneur" and it has a monthly meeting here in San Diego.  The guy who runs it is really cool and down to earth and is a successful entrepreneur who has a goal of helping 1 Million Entrepreneurs find financial freedom!

He is a #1 Best Selling Author and known as the "Hour A Day Entrepreneur" because he built his business in just one hour a night, after work, while his wife and kids were sleeping.  He is living proof that you can create the life of your dreams in one focused hour a day.

He just sent me this super cool mini dry-erase board!

It even had a hand-written cool message on it! "Make Every Hour COUNT"


Very exciting!!!

I feel very focused lately, got my office cleaned and organized more than it has been in MONTHS.  I can actually, literally SEE MY DESK now!

I want to give my readers something cool too, although I'm not sure what yet, check back soon and I'll figure out something…

Oh, in case you want to know more about Henry, and if you have a business or want to start one, definitely check him out, he has helped me tremendously, here is a pic of his website:

Here is his website: http://www.houradayentrepreneur.com 


And, even if you don't have or want to start your own business, but you want to create an extra income stream, this is a great resource and guide:


Until next time my friend, be flowing!