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The US dollar is losing value every day.

The purchasing power has declined making it harder to buy things like food, gas, rent/mortgage, and basic living expenses for millions of people. 

If you calculate the value of $1 in the year 1800 it would be worth $24.14 in the year 2023. (

Which means $1 in 2023 is only worth $.04 cents in 1800.

Once upon a time ago, the US dollar was backed by precious metals such as gold and silver.

You could take your dollar and turn it in for real gold or silver. 

“During the Civil War, the government issued legal tender paper money that was not redeemable in gold or silver, effectively placing the country on a fiat paper system.” – Federation of American Scientists

In 1913 the Federal Reserve System was created to ensure that checks issued by banks would be honored.

The Federal Reserve System is not actually a government entity, despite its official sounding title. But that is a topic for a different blog post…

Then, in 1933, the dollar was taken off of the gold standard, which meant that paper money could no longer be exchanged for gold.

Now, money can be printed at will be central banks, which can devalue the savings of retired people effectively making them have to work longer before retiring, if they can retire at all.

Working people might find themselves working two jobs just to make ends meet.

What happened to the value of our money?

We could get into all sorts of conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts, but again, that will be a different post…

For now, for myself, I wanted to find a quick and easy way to protect myself and my family from the devaluation of our money.

When I was young and reading a book that changed my life titled, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, there was  a part where Robert talked about buying silver coins. 

He said that simply by buying silver coins, you were invested in silver.

I really liked that idea because I thought silver was cool, and I knew that it was much more affordable than gold, (especially for me at the time.)

When I got a little older, I decided that I would invest in some silver bullion coins.

I had researched and learned a bit about numismatic coins, but that seemed like a deep rabbit hole, and while interesting, I didn’t want to make it a hobby so much as a hedge against inflation and a last resort in case of the apocalypse.

I found a local coin shop, went in and bought a few silver rounds. 

It was a horrible time to buy honestly, and I happened to buy at the peak of the silver market, but I didn’t care too much because I planned to hold it forever.

AND, I got started. And that’s what’s important.

Well, it would have been better to buy lower of course, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?

Anyway, I went there a few more times and bought silver bullion rounds over the years.

Later, as my sons got older, I wanted them to be a part of the investment process and I discovered that our local Comic book store sold silver coins!

So we would save up, they would buy some cool comic book collectables and I would buy some silver rounds. 

When we moved out of state, I didn’t have any local stores that I knew of, and being a little less willing to drive around, I started researching online stores where I could invest in coins and bars.

I found one that I liked and placed an order for some beautiful silver coins, some silver bars (which I had never bought before but was REALLY excited to get and to my delight, as beautiful and magical as I had hoped!!!) gold-backed bills, a couple grams of gold (hey, I am older and have more money now), and showed my sons the online collection.

Our oldest son got really excited! He’s 11 and totally lit up at the idea of getting his own investment metals and even his own safe to keep them in.

He started saving his money so that he could start investing in money metals!

One of the things that I was worried about when I bought from an online store was that it might be delivered while I was out, and someone might take my delivery.

I was glad to find out that they require a signature to deliver the metals. 

So now I’m proudly working with Money Metals Exchange to spread the word because I am very worried about the dollar, and this is one small way that I can help people protect themselves. 

NOTE: This is NOT investment advice! I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice.

This is something I do personally, and maybe you already buy gold or silver, or maybe you’ve been considering it. 

Right now, for the month of July, my favorite money metals company has a special Silver Starter Kit.

If you’ve been considering investing in silver, or want to get someone a very special gift, this might be a great way to start. 


Disclaimer: Because I loved the service that I got from Money Metals Exchange, I partnered with them, so these links will allow me to earn a small fee if you decide to invest in this silver kit. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything more, and it helps me spread the word. 

I really love our country and am unfortunately very worried about people here. 

Who knows what the future holds? 

Certainly not me. But I do truly believe that having at least a little silver and/or gold in everyone’s portfolio is a good thing.

This is something that would be a great gift for a birthday present, holiday gift, or for young children to just hang on to, instead of giving them some junk they’ll stop playing with.

You can help someone get started with just a single coin, and then you have taught them some valuable lifelong lessons and helped them diversify their investment portfolio, pretty cool, huh?

Help protect and build your financial future, buy some silver today! 

But what kind of silver should you buy?

There’s a lot of options to choose from. So to start, or to expand your collection, this Silver Starter Kit is a great way to go!

Here’s what you get…

Quickly and easily purchase a mix of Money Metals Exchange’s most recommended products. Our Silver Only Portfolio Contains 4 Oz of Fine Silver:

  • (1) American Silver Eagle 1-oz coin
  • (1) Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1-oz coin
  • (1) Walking Liberty 1-oz round
  • (1) Walking Liberty 1/2-oz round
  • (5) Walking Liberty 1/10-oz rounds

We designed this portfolio around three main principles:

  1. They include the most popular and widely traded bullion products. This means the products are liquid – you will be able to instantly sell and command the fairest price when you are ready.
  2. We’ve selected items with a low “bid/ask spread”. This “spread” is the difference between the price you pay to buy and the price you receive to sell – i.e. your transaction costs. The lower those are, the happier you will be.
  3. This portfolio includes some smaller-sized silver products that are suitable for barter and trade in a currency crisis. It is hard to imagine the US dollar completely collapsing. But it cannot be ruled out. Fiat currencies backed by irresponsible governments have a 100% failure rate throughout history. So we recommend buying fractional silver size coins and privately minted rounds.

This Pre-Made Portfolio contains silver only. Silver looks like an extraordinary value right now so we recommend investors overweight the white metal. Grab your silver starter pack today! This is a great money metals exchange starter kit. 


The sound of two silver coins clinking together is simply breathtaking!

The shine on these coins is so beautiful, it just might bring tears of joy to your eyes.

The American Silver Eagle and Walking Liberty designs can make virtually anyone well up with pride and patriotism.

This is a special promotion for the month of July, so if you need a little nudge to protect yourself, your family, your future, this is it!

And it’s listed at a price virtually anyone serious about minimizing risk and liability can afford.

It’s crazy to think that the dollar could lose more value, or even crash entirely. But given the wild events of these last few years, I personally don’t rule it out.

Having some actual, physical silver and gold definitely helps me sleep better at night.

Not some stocks. Not some bonds. 


If SHTF I could use these to buy stuff.


Yeah, I’m a bit paranoid. LOL.

Oh, sidenote, did you know we bought three egg-laying chickens?

Why? I think you know where I’m going with this. 

Couldn’t I just buy eggs from the store?

Yeah, for now I can.

The price has gone up, juuuust a bit. But sure, I could buy ’em from the store.

But what if there was a time in there near future when eggs became unaffordable?

Or more chickens got bird flu? 

Or more food processing farms suddenly went up in flames?

Well, I’m not saying that having more silver in your pocket would protect you during times like these…but I’m not saying it wouldn’t!

Anyway, it’s late. I’m going to bed now. 

Get yourself some silver and sleep better. I know I will!

Until next time my friend…be flowing!

–Winston “the Find Your Flow guy”



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Find Your Flow® Blog - Silver Starter Kit

Silver Starter Kit

The US dollar is losing value every day. The purchasing power has declined making it harder to buy things like food, gas, rent/mortgage, and basic

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