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Designrr – This is a very powerful tool that I use to re-purpose content into books and marketing materials.? It streamlines the process and saves you TONS of time and MONEY because it can replace stacks of other apps.? That means you save time from jumping from app to app to app. Plus, as you grow, you may want to build a team that can help you publish your content.? Definitely consider getting the package that includes transcription.? I did and it has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and more hours than I can count.

CanvaGreat free photo editing tool!? I create SO MUCH STUFF with this app!? The Find Your Flow blog art, podcast art, .TV show art, book series art, you get the idea.? It is pretty intuitive to use and really powerful. I can’t recommend it enough. – This is a great place to get professional, high quality transcription done very quickly and easily.? They charge $1 per minute of audio.? I personally have not used them but I have plenty of colleagues that do. – Get your book cover, transcriber, editor and promotions done with the secret weapon of all secret weapons!? Outsourcing, delegating, hiring, etc. can all be done through Fiverr.? You can build your team to help you write, publish and promote your book!? The cool thing about Fiverr is its cheap, starting at Five bucks, hence the name.? You can find thousands of freelancers there to do stuff for you.? Be sure to read reviews.? For design stuff you may need to go through a few designs or Fiverr’s to find what you’re looking for.? It’s part of the process.? It does take time to manage and follow up and what not, but you can save yourself a lot of money building your own team and managing them yourself.

Voice Record Pro – This is an app on iPhone that I use. I have an iPhone X which I LOVE!!!? I went cheap with my last phone, ( I go middle of the road or cheap with many things, I like to hack things to get it done cheap.)? However, there are times and places that I have learned it actually costs MORE to go cheap! But that’s a different story… Anyway, I record my podcast using that sweet little app.? It is AMAZINGLY simple and POWERFUL!? I can record, include the name, highlight it in different colors for organizing, and upload straight to Google Drive.? That’s how I get it to my team. Then my podcast producer takes it and does the post-production.? So all I have to do is record my show and then upload to the cloud and call it a day 🙂

Acadium: Get an intern!? Or two!? I’ve always had challenges trying to get an intern.? For years I watched as my fellow entrepreneurs hired and trained interns for a Win-Win that provided valuable real life experience for the intern and a huge opportunity to learn to hire, manage and train your team to help you publish and promote your book. After striking out for years and finally giving up on ever getting an intern, when I learned about Acadium it was recommended by some very smart entrepreneurs I know and I decided I’d give it a chance.? Within 24 hours I had TWO interns lined up to start working with me!!!? It was an amazing experience and after the first two internships ended I hired a third intern.? It wasn’t always easy, but I learned a lot about hiring and trainining, two areas that I had very little experience being a solo-preneur. Hiring interns through Acadium took my business to the next level.? I would highly encourage you to check it out.? BE AWARE though, they are looking for experienced, successful entrepreneurs to line up for their interns, so if you are brand new this isn’t a good way to go yet.? This is if you are already running a successful business and want to scale or add additional products/services, books, etc.

Amazon KDP: Sign up here to be able to self-publish your books to Amazon Kindle!

CreateSpace: Sign up here to create paperback versions of your book to sell!? I think you have to have your Amazon KDP setup first before you can setup your CreateSpace account but I might be wrong about that.

Kindle Publishing:

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Promotion: Promoting your book is essential!? What good is it to write a book if nobody knows it exists? You have put in all the hard work to finally get your book out, so now what? I will be adding tools and resources here, stay tuned!? If you are in a hurry, message me using the messenger in the bottom right corner of your screen. It looks like a little blue lightening bolt.

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Find Your Flow book series bundle


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