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TEDx Book Experiment

In this book I decided to see who would take action to become a published author in a best selling series if there was virtually no work to do!? I removed as many obstacles as I could to make it as easy as possible for anybody to get published in this book.? Then, I published and launched the book at TEDx El Cajon as I hosted the technology stage!

Winston Widdes Clinton Young TEDx

SO…how many people actually took action to become a published author?? Get the book to find out!



This book is the fourth in the Amazon #1 Best Selling,
“Find Your Flow” Series!



Book #3 in the Find Your Flow series is available on Amazon!

Find Your Flow: Expert Flower Series #2 by [Elaena, Flow Ananda, Ludlow, Ashley, Sammi, No Pants, Young, Clinton, Schroeder, Jules, Widdes, Winston]

Learn about one near-death experience, a female competitive weightlifters journey to the top, flow talk with The Millennial Mentor, body image and flow thought with a Singer/Songwriter and more in this exciting episode!

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Guest experts include: Amechi Akpom, Guilherme Delima, Averi Melcher, Dr. Melody Stevens, Chris Wesley and Winston Widdes.

The stories are short, to the point, and flowing!

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Can one idea change the world? ?Can social media like YouTube?help spread an idea past its #tippingpoint ? This short, fun and easy read hit? your chance to find out for yourself, and you don’t even have to leave your seat!

?You may have forgotten just how powerful You are. ?Maybe You sometimes feel stuck, or like You aren’t where You want to be. ?This short experience can lift Your spirits, inspire You and help others all at the same time!

I truly believe that together, we can accomplish anything! ?This is just the beginning! ?Take the first step, get the book! ?Then, register it for free and connect with others who are creating flow in their lives and in the lives of those who can really use the help! ?Watch as magic starts to appear in Your life!

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