7 Self-Growth Strategies You Can Start Today

7 Self-Growth Strategies

7 Self-Growth Strategies You Can Start Today

Have your interests and responsibilities changed over the years, but you still find yourself doing the same things day in and day out? Maybe it’s time to shake up your routine and give your self-esteem a boost in the process. So here are seven strategies that should do the trick, courtesy of Find Your Flow.

Regain Your Space

We often find ourselves with “empty” bedrooms being used as storage. But what if you turned that used space to finally build that home office, sewing room, or home gym you’ve always dreamed of? So start decluttering and don’t be too sentimental: only keep your most precious memories and donate or dispose of the rest.

Deep Clean Your Home

Now that you’ve removed clutter from the house, it’s time to deep clean it and make it healthier. TheAllergyStore.com explains that dust mites and other allergens hide in bedding, drapes, and carpets and can trigger asthma attacks. The best way to get rid of them is with regular and thorough dusting, mopping, and vacuuming of your home, starting from the top story and working your way to the bottom. Wash drapes and linens in hot water to kill those pesky bugs, and take your dry-clean-only items to a professional.

For all your home cleaning activities, be sure that you use carcinogen-free cleaning products. Protecting your health becomes more important each year, so avoiding known cancer causing chemicals is always a good idea.

Start a Small Business

If you have the time, why not develop that business idea that you’ve kept on the back burner all these years? Online resources specially designed for budding entrepreneurs, such as formation services, will help you structure your business and file the proper legal documentation with your state. And with new technologies like CRM software, cloud computing, big data analytics, and digital payment methods, there’s no reason to put off starting your small business and becoming the solopreneur you’ve always wanted to be.

Update Your Wardrobe

Your priorities and responsibilities have changed over the years, so why hasn’t your wardrobe? Loving the way you feel and look in your clothes can be a game changer, uplifting your mood and boosting your self-esteem. So don’t wait for a special occasion to get yourself a new outfit. Even when you’re staying home, new loungewear like a luxurious robe, a comfortable bra, and a pair of soft leggings will make you feel like a million bucks!

Plan a Date Night

Gone are the days when you needed to hire a babysitter before you could go for a night out on the town. Now, you’re free to come and go as early or late as you want, which makes scheduling or going on impromptu dates a lot easier! Whether you decide to take your partner out for a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or you want to spend quality time on your own at a paint-and-sip event, planning a special evening once in a while is sure to raise your spirits as it gives you something fun to look forward to.

Work Out With a Partner

Want to improve your health and have more energy? Make a plan with a friend to start an exercise routine together. Meet up every morning for a walk, go swimming at your local gym, or enroll in a dance or yoga class together. Being accountable will keep you from finding excuses to skip a session, and by encouraging and being there for each other, you’ll be more likely to keep going and eventually reach your health and fitness goals.

Go Back to School

Lastly, you’ve probably heard it said that we never stop learning – so if you’ve been thinking about going back to school, now’s the time! There are plenty of options out there, such as pursuing a bachelor of science in education, which could really open doors. And thanks to the flexibility of online programs, you’re free to proceed at your own pace, without having to take too much time away from any other obligations.

You can feel good about yourself and build your confidence at any age. Change your style, reorganize your living space, consider going back to school, and make time for self-care. You’ll feel energized and ready to take on the world!

Find Your Flow offers a variety of tips on work, finance, health, and more! Questions? Scroll down to find our comment form!

Jim McKinley

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