No #Mondays here!  I'm ready to go!  Had a great gig last night, really fun crowd.  

I am using my cool mini-dry-erase board, its great for focusing on my big goal for the week.

Here is a picture of my small 3×5 goal list that I wear…


One side has specific goals for the week.  The other has Ideal outcomes, "My Perfect Workday".  I have another larger one of these that has pictures on one side, like a mini-vision board, although I can't find it right now.  But I'll show you next time it shows up.

All right, off to get a desperately needed haircut, catch ya later!


Oh yeah, and in case you are wondering, I did play that #selfie song and all the kids whipped out their cell phones and took #selfies, it was pretty funny/awesome.