I just checked my blog stats and they are pretty good!  I should do this more often!  I can't believe how many people stop by here from all over the world.  Wow.

 The World Wide Web.  

A fair number of visitors came from #China last month.  That's pretty cool.  The school I teach music at during the day is now an International Program and we now have a lot of students studying here from China.

Its very cool, one of the kids, he is not actually in my class, but he played the erhu in #China, a violin-like instrument with only two strings and played with a bow.  

That's your fun musical fact for the day!

But what's really cool is how much progress they are all making.  One kid already knew some guitar chords, so I have been showing him how chords flow into arpeggios, and how scales can be used to outline chords, and how if you take a simple 5-note scale and play it in a repeating sequence, but start it on the root of each chord in a simple chord progression, it sounds amazing! 

Wow, that's a lot of information.  But believe it or not, within 2 weeks my students get all of that.  Fortunately, I do get to spend an hour a day, 5 days a week with them so we make quick progress, but also, its a system of learning.  From my side, its a system of teaching.  A system that I have created to help students learn the most crucial concepts in music quickly so that they can start shredding right away!

I just launched an online program for my online music academy. The school is called the Black Belt Music Academy and the first course offered is called "The White Belt Piano Program" and shows you step-by-step how to play a song the first day in under 15 minutes!  Plus you learn 4 other songs in the course as well as how to play the totally cool 5 Finger Snake Style Kung-Fu Scales!  And, how to use the freakishly cool Tiger Claw Chord Crunch to sound like a pro and amaze your family and friends!  Plus, if that weren't enough to make you feel like the champion of the world, you will also learn how to read music!

I'm very excited!  This took me a FOREVER to plan, film, edit and to get the membership site built.  You can see a screenshot from inside the program below…

Check out the light-up keys!  Makes it easy to see and learn!

You will hear new and amazing things in your favorite songs when you listen to these MP3's! 

This is what it looks like inside the musical dojo!

My students are now starting to get to use this program at home and are having tremendous results! 

I will be posting more videos soon, but you can check some out at the bottom of this page –> CLICK HERE


That's it for today.  

Until next time, be flowing my friends. 🙂