"If you had the opportunity to say something to the world, what would it be?


Would you tell them about yourself? Sure maybe to let them know who you are first and where you are coming from. So they can more easily relate to you.


Would you tell them about a service you offer? Maybe, it depends on who I am talking to I guess. If I felt I could be helpful to them.


Would it be a story? A real one or a made up one?


Would you take the opportunity to tell the world how cool you were? Or how upset?


What if you got to go on a stage and tell the world this one thing. What would you want to happen?


Would it be to share a cause? What could be the best piece of information that you could spread to do the most good in the world?"  


And then the 808 thud will be fading in and the pictures and video will be flipping through really fast and cool looking and it will give a sense of where we are now in time, in history, what it has taken to get us here technologically, economically, politically, through culture, sub-cultures, power structures, communities, events, etc.


"We have energy systems, water systems, education systems."  

I'm going to rant for a bit while I build the rhythm layer by layer.  

"Manufacturing systems.  Ecosystems."

Add the hi-hat sizzle.

"We have political systems. We have religious systems.

Even if you aren't aware, you probably have systems for when you wake up, get dressed, shower and even a system for where you put your car keys."


Anyway, you get the idea.  Maybe.  Because I never told you what I was even talking about, see, that was a clever writer thing, (or maybe it was just confusing) just starting in cooly and letting you jump straight onto the vibe.


 SO, ANYWAY, that was the beginning of a speech-like thing I'm working on.


I have been in this space where I'm like, "what should I do with my life?"  And then I'm like, "I've always pretty much known what to do, its just that I don't always know WHEN I'm supposed to do it.  Time can be crazy tricky sometimes.  


So this blog for example, I had an epiphany about "flow" back on New Year's Eve of 2000.  I got to work man!  I was like, "this is happening today! I gotta write this book and start talking about flow and flow systems" and on and on.  But it was slow going and never quite right.  


I'm not saying its necessarily “right” for me to do right now either, but I have felt more drawn to it again, maybe just because I'm on #Springbreak! Yes I did just use a hashtag in the middle of story, sorry.


Ok, so I've been wondering, what is it that I should be working on?  The BIG one?  The BIG LIVE SHOW?  Can I start to talk about it yet and people won't think I'm crazy?  I believe the answer to be "yes."


So I had this crazy thought I may do a live show/seminar called, “The God Experience” but thought that sounds kinda pretentious and maybe too religious sounding so I thought maybe something like, "The Flow Experience."

Sound intriguing?  


Basically, You have a mind-blowing experience connecting to God/Universal Mind/Higher Consciousness/Higher frequency vibrations, etc.  


A connection to energy levels that none of us can comprehend with our time-space restrained minds.


The experience is basically a SYSTEM that allows for a feedback loop of energy through music (yes dance music, mostly electronic but also with live instruments mixed in and sometimes vocals as either a speech or song) and dancing that will guide You into a powerful trance and take you on a spiritual journey to find Your true inner power and connection.


It is non-denominational.


It is non-judgemental.


It is Musical.


It is Mathematical.


It is Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social.


It is Intentional.


It is Focused on a specific positive outcome and experience for all involved, and the world at large.


And it comes with a 100% Mind-Blown- Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't feel your mind was sufficiently blown, you can get a full refund.


Wow, that's a crazy thing to write out on a public blog. Not even 100 years ago someone could have been tossed in the looney bin or burned at the stake for making an offer like that.


Now, the only reason I am even putting this out there is because my blog has seriously been getting tons of traffic lately. I don't know if “it's” starting to happen, whatever “it” is, but if people feel it then I figure I should put it out there and see what happens. If I'm still too early then I'll just kick back and come back to it later.


I think I'll lead up to it with a teleseminar series and then do some small meet-up style social flows then gather up into a bigger flow 2 day find your flow experience.


That's the thought. Any comments?