Yeah, spent 15 minutes bloggin on this then accidentally hit something and didn't save it.  Do over.


The Amazing Spiderman! 2! 

Can't wait until it comes out on video.  How will it all go down?  New actors, will they pull it off?


There is this new guy,  Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, okay.  Not really sure who he is, so no comment.  Other than to say, "no comment."

  Then, instead of Kirstin Dunst is  Emma Stone. That'll do just fine.


Jamie Fox is always cool. 


So is Jon Giamatti, who is also pretty hilarious…


I have been working on a super sweet "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" dance sequence.  It will feature me swinging from web sling to web sling and it will be magical. Okay, so I haven't actually "worked" on it. More like, thought about it.  I think I'll try it out tonight at this wedding.  NOT.  Haha, see that, I told you one thing, then I threw you for a loop by saying "NOT" afterward, I'm unpredictable like that.  

Hey you know what else is unpredictable…#Spiderman 

#spiderman2  and how about #spiderman2premiere

Not really unpredictable if you follow this blog, you have probably figured out that I don't really know how to use # I just throw them in randomly in hopes of it boosting my SEO performance.  Because I have SEO performance you know. #SEO.