Yeah! I figured out the # is a twitter thing, which I kinda knew, but could never figure out where to find the terms using it if that makes sense.  Now I know you just go to and search for your topic and it lists them.  Amazing.  

So I am going to do #MondayMindFlow and #MondayBlog and #MondayMotivation all in one big lump here every Monday.

It will be a basic mind flow/stream-of-consciousness rant of sorts.  All the things I plan to do during the week and maybe stuff that isn't related at all.

Let's give it a try…

Okay, gotta list our house for sale, not the one we are living in, but our rental property.  I had to speak with our tenets last week and let them know that due to our situation with Elena's health and all the bills and her not being able to work we could no longer afford to keep the house and we have to sell, the sooner the better.  She was totally understanding, which was very much appreciated.  I was dreading telling her, they are really great tenets and have been super understanding.  I feel horrible but she said, "We are adaptable if nothing else."  Wow.  That is a great attitude, one I try to emulate myself for sure.  

So gotta put that on the market.  Also need to take care of my other listing client and a property management client that may want to sell her house, so lots of real estate this week.

I have a MasterMind Meeting with my group from Henry Evan's Hour A Day Entrepreneur group.  Very excited about this, it helps me get clear and focused about what I should be doing and working on.

I have a dentist appointment!  yay!

I will continue to blog daily.

I had two gigs over the weekend and would like to post pictures, my phone sucks, missed great pictures and video opportunities because phone froze.  Ug!!!

Ok, let's end with something #MondayMotivational….

"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."  — Zen saying.

There is no 'end.' When I got to my location in Orange County yesterday, my GPS said, "You Have Arrived." HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

I don't remember it saying that before, it just caught me at the right time. Ha-larious. 

But the point being, what then?  What's next? Am I done? Nope. Park car, carry speakers.