Mission Realization

TO be able to manifest in minutes.

Manifest money almost immediately.

From idea to reality instantly.

I use a product or have an idea for one and am able to share that idea with the world.

Able to flow from idea to idea quickly because I have systems in place to produce and monetize the ideas automatically.

Creating information systems, systems for learning quickly. Specific topic systems.  Some that I create from my own specialized knowledge, some that I help create and launch for other experts at flowing in their field.  Then I use the Find Your Flow system as a platform to connect people with their desired interests.  

So if someone wants to focus on Body Flow, they can go to the www.findyourflow.com/body-flow page and find different resources and information from expert flowers in that particular field.

It becomes a distribution system in a sense, but also a social system.  Because I am at the will of the people.  If I create products that no one cares about, then I'm wasting time and resources.  

However, if I am true to myself and what I am about and the real tools and products and information that I use to increase flow in my life, then I owe it to everyone to share it and promote it as much as possible.

And because the people that stick around are the people that get what I'm doing, they will have a very high likelihood of benefiting from the same things that I do.

So this is a clearer, more exciting thing to remember for myself.  Connection.

Sensing what's going on and sharing what works and being a part of the fun.  Yeah, fun!  It occurred to me that I should talk more about some of the things that get me really excited, such as this morning when B-rad and I watched house music footage and ate Trader Joe's version of Honey Nut Cheerios…




Yet…I don't give myself much time to enjoy it these days.  Too busy, ya see?  So many important things to do.

Speaking of which, while I'm being totally sarcastic with myself, but I actually DO have some really important things to do, right now, because its 2 am and I have a wedding gig today.  I am mostly done, just final stuff, but I should do it and get some sleep.  

It will be really fun.  Its at the same place Elena and I got married over 10 years ago!  It was cool being back there.


So I'll be working all weekend, should be able to blog tomorrow, but we'll see.  Until next time my friend, be flowing.