last Tuesday I got the chance to see Helio #Gracie speak. it was at the Gracie San Diego School and it was amazing. I even got to shake his hand, but unfortunately my phone was dead so I didn’t get a picture 🙁 he showed the whole school some videos from his family and we talked about growing up. it has been 100 years since his father was born and then grew up learning and teaching #jiujitsu. he spoke about how the Gracie name is now known throughout the world. He said that he did not come from a rich place, in fact, Brazil is a third world country. he said that in order to get where he got, his father had to “kill a lion every day”. in other words, he had to do big things and continue to fight everyday. It was not easy, but he has built a true legacy. One that is known literally throughout the #bjj world and the world at large. it was very inspiring to see so many students there training and listening to what he had to say. I was very happy to get to be a part of that night, (even though I didn’t wear my gi and train, I at least got to witness.) It made me recommit to how hard I work to build my own legacy and my own Academy. (