Already running behind schedule so let's make this brief. Elena woke up with insane migraine, had scheduled appointment for Botox.  Yes. Botox.  They can use it on people who have migraines to hopefully reduce the pain.  We had a discussion last night and I was dead set against it.  She is in a ton of pain so it hurts me to see her like that, but, Botox doesn't always work and she seems to get every negative side effect of any medication.

Fortunately, the doctor she met with said he wouldn't treat her with it.  Whew. 

I hope this other therapy she is doing kicks in faster.

I'm trying to keep all the plates in the air if you know what I mean. Got some volunteer work lined up for this afternoon and evening, but still haven't let my students know I need to cancel lessons.  Ug, 10,000 things to do and here I am not doing them.  Oh well.  Plus, this IS on my list of things to do so I am actually doing one of them 🙂

Plus, I get to vent, ahhhh.


Earth Day is around the corner.  Yay Earth!

No big plans as of yet, but will do some special blog posts so stay tuned!


Until next time my friend, stay flowing!