Yeah so in my last blog post I put that EarthDay was right around the corner, completely oblivious to the fact that it WAS EARTH DAY!  Wow, ha-larious. SO I figured it out later in the day and still managed to not do anything extra Earthy.  But here I am at 12:31am and I am contemplating other things.  

Gotta make some big moves.  One of which I'm not looking forward to.  Well, parts of it I am, parts, not so much.

But I'm back now.  Between that last sentence and this one was about 20 minutes of Facebook surfing. Zoning. Looking at pics from people I haven't seen in years.  Taking a glimpse into their lives.  Looking at them with their kids.  Looking at them accomplishing things.  Its very cool.  I don't post too much on FB except this blog, which, in an effort to not use effort i have automated to post this blog on FB automatically.  

Twitter should also autopost but I haven't worked out all the bugs yet.  As if I developed the technology to do it.  No. I did not. I simply get the pluggin that is supposed to do it for me and push 'go.'

Anyway. Stoked.  Over 7,000 visits to the website this month!  OVer 3,600 people!  OVer 1,100 new subscribers in the last 22 days to the free newsletter/free membership!  Get free cool stuff at completely random intervals!  Sign up today at! 

That's really cool.  I'm really excited about this.  I'm finding my flow 🙂 

Elena is still having migraines but I think we figured out that is withdrawal headaches from…headache medicine.  WTF?! Yup. If you take aspirin/ibuprofin for extended times (as she has) you can actually get horrible headaches and mirgrains when you STOP taking the aspirin/ibuprofin. 

SO she's going to ween off of it and that should help.  I'll keep you posted.  But this is very promising.