Yes, I’m still doing “Found Flow Fridays,” but to find those you have to look at the “Categories” or search the tag, “Found Flow Fridays.”

This is to catch you up on the most up-to-date awesomeness going on in the world from a fun and flowing point of view…

9-year old news reporter Hilde Lysiak breaks a murder case. ?Some people are upset because she doesn’t have all the facts in, and some people would like her to respect the privacy of the family. ?Totally understandable.

I like this story more for the fact that she is 9 and crushing it. ?She has her own website and news outlet: Orange Street News?

#Americanidol said goodbye last night forever. ?Its amazing that it has been running for 15 years!

I haven’t really been watching it for the last?10 or so, but its still cool that they had such a good run. ?We did watch it a bit last night and saw #JenniferLopez, #CarrieUnderwood, #KellyClarkson, and many more.

Speaking of run, ever run with the bulls? ?#JonStewart has! Well, kind of, there was a bull running through NYC after escaping a local slaughterhouse. ?He was able to help get the bull rescued with the help of Farm Sanctuary. ?Here’s the video:

Jon Stewart saves bull video


That’s the latest and greatest things happening “out there”. ?If you want more of the inner reflection and more personal stuff, search tags, “Found Flow Fridays.”