guillotine sophie scholl

I learned something new today…

I just caught up with a lady I met at Tiamo’s Fearless Speaker Emergence a few weeks ago.

She caught my attention because she works tirelessly to help homeless children, and I asked if she would like to be a guest on the podcast to share her mission.

She herself had been?homeless raising 8 kids.

Now, as she puts it, she lives most ‘unusually’.

She has an organization, I didn’t catch the whole name, but I did catch the “White Roses” part.

I looked up White Rose to try to find her site, and found this instead…


In 1943, during Nazi occupation, a group of friends, German students created pamphlets anonymously and began distributing them around Germany.

They knew the danger, and they did it anyway.

They believed in their cause and were willing to die for it.

Coincidentally, the “trials” of these students and subsequent execution of the White Rose resisters began 73 years ago this week.

I don’t know if there is a connection yet between the names, but you know that I’m always looking for timely synchronicities.