Yay! Created a template for blogposts today!

Yay! Created a template for blogposts today!

This week flew by.

I had tons of meetings and calls. Tons, but not too many.

In fact, the perfect amount.

I got to speak with some really amazing people and it reminded me how great it is to know amazing people, and to sometimes get out of my house and go meet with them.

Just got off the phone with fiZ.

I interviewed him for an upcoming podcast. It was a great call. I’m so excited to share it. It’s kind of “out there” for some people undoubtedly, but I’m okay with that.

In fact, the people who can listen to that podcast and have any inkling of an idea what we are talking about, those are exactly the kind of people that it’s for. I don’t know if that last sentence made any sense or if it was redundant but I’m going to leave it there and keep going, no looking back.

“No looking back.” Just read that phrase twice in an article in Playboy?Magazine recently. Interestingly, Playboy Magazine is no longer showing pictures of nude women. They decided that anyone can easily find nude photos online now, they are changing it up.

Pretty awesome if you ask me. Pretty gutsy, but pretty awesome.

The letter from the editor said something about how Playboy Magazine helped usher in the Sexual Revolution, and opened up {Phone starts ringing}

I pick it up. Its Cory from BNI. I haven’t seen or heard from him in years.

He tells me he heard about the Doityourselfhomesellerskit.com and when he looked it up he saw it was my company.

Turns out, he has this Home Appraisal technology that him and his partner have been working on, and it could be a great match for what we’re doing.

We talked for about a half hour. Crazy.

We are probably going to meet up next week to talk.

How serendipitous.

That’s what I call #socialflow

Anyway, back to no more nude women in Playboy Magazine?

I guess I was done with that.

Phone ringing. Gotta go…

–Back…Okay two more important things?

First, there is now a new Video tab on the website!

Each week will be a new Flow Challenge Video!

Also each week will be One Minute and Fifty Seconds Of Flow w/ Winston.

I will basically use my FlowcabularyTM to supercharge your soul and get you flowing!

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