So, I don’t recommend playing April Fool’s Jokes on anyone, its not nice. ?BUT, if you are going to do it anyway, make sure to take video and/or pictures, they last longer…

Its been a long week. ?But a good one. ?Yesterday was the end of the first quarter and I had a goal of hitting 1,000 listens/downloads with the podcast by midnight yesterday.

We hit 1,002!!!

Wow! ?The power of having clear goals, huh?

So what goals are next? ?Well, book number 2 of the Find Your Flow series is coming up with a goal of May 1st.

What else?let me break it down:

#MindFlow: I’ve been reading Russell Brunson’s book, DotComSecrets.

#BodyFlow: I trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu last night (and Monday night) and it was great. ?I went in anxious and kind of stressed. ?And by the end I was so tired I felt way better. ?Plus, I hit a sneaky ankle lock against a purple belt, a sneaky baseball choke from bottom side control, almost pulled off one of the ‘moves of the day,’ an escape from an armbar, but he tapped me. ?I worked some rubber guard with the fluidness. All in all, a good night. ?Got tapped a couple times but that’s all part of the fun.

#SpiritFlow: hmmm, let me come back to this one…

#SocialFlow: Well, I got to meet up with my buddy Clinton for a bit yesterday, that was cool. ?This weekend we’re going to LA to visit Elena’s uncle, he’s in the hospital so it will be good to go and see him and her family.

#CashFlow: Okay, I guess its time I tell you. ?Soooo?.I’ve decided to?how do I put this delicately?okay, you know when, like, there’s a time, sometimes, like, when, you know that one time, well, and your friends are like, or, no, more like when that thing you’ve avoided, so, okay, like, and you’re almost ready to, but you don’t, see?

Okay, so I’m just going to say it, and you, you just, you know, like, be supportive and what not, k?

All right, so, I’m?going?to?????????????????..get a job.

Uggh. ?Yeah, I know, I know, its not as bad as it sounds.

Actually, I’m kind of looking forward to it now.

I always have multiple streams of income, the challenge is, as Mike and I are building our DoItYourselfHomeSellersKit.com business, it needs more funding and running other businesses to fund this business is just getting too tiring.

I just want a simple “day job.” A 9-5 kind of job where I know I’ll be getting paid consistently, where I can focus, do my job, then have money to put into the biz.

I’ve got some really cool opportunities so I’ll keep you posted. ?But I wanted to share because, that’s part of the point of this blog, is to share the “real stuff”. ?And if I’m too scared to share it, then what’s the point?

I’ve been self-employed for so many years, I really didn’t want to get a job, but it will def be for the best.

SO, yeah, #cashflow, about to look up! ?Consistent. Yeah! ?Get me out of the house. ?Yeah!

Being a hermit is cool and all, but, time to rejoin the land of the living. ?I’m looking forward to a new chapter in life. ?This will undoubtedly create some new opportunities and awesomeness.

All right, I’m going to go watch cartoons with the Scoob. ?Catch ya later.

Until next time friend, Be Flowing.