today I got the news that a buddy and artist passed away. he had been fighting cancer for about 4 years and unfortunately he is no longer with us. I met him at a show in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.

he was operating to sound board as well as doing his own performance. he was very talented and very cool guy.

I would listen to his music when I got back to San Diego and was driving around and doing door knocking in all of the corporate business parks.

at that time my mother was dying of cancer and was in her final days. I was hating life because I was doing a job that I couldn’t stand and it was hot and I had a lot going on.

his music always brought a smile to my face and I was upset to hear when he was diagnosed.

it really makes me want to get this first book out. as much as I am a doer, I have held off on launching this book for over a year now. I am NOT generally the kind of person to wait until everything falls into place, I have always subscribed to many of my mentors that say; “Fail Forward Fast” and “Ready, Fire, Aim”.

I would like to be able to offer some help to his family. this first book as you may or may not know is a fundraiser as well as a social experiment. the money that is raised well all go to helping cancer patients, their families, and organizations that support the cause.

I am having technical difficulties with the website, awesome. however, I do plan to have it resolved tonight and would like to get this book launched for real this evening.

To friends and family of John Steck, (and those who are not familiar with him go to my condolences on your loss.