Today marks the first day that Special Needs Tutoring USA has gained a new student without me making the sale.  I did do the marketing, but that’s okay because that is one of my core strengths, and I choose to do that myself. 

But today is the first day that I sent a lead to my tutor coordinator Shannon and she was able to make the connection/sale herself.

This is huge! I have been building this business off and on for a few years now, and this is the first time that I have trusted someone enough to start marketing and sending them leads.

I have a goal to help 52 students by the end of the year.  We are a little behind the time line right now, but we are just getting rolling and it’s good to be able to test out our systems before it’s too busy.

Now I am going to create a new sign route and put up signs which I will pick up next week.  To increase flow, I have already printed out maps and circled the schools and streets that I want to hit.