Proof That God Exists. Proof That God Doesn’t Exist

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Proof That God Exists. Proof That God Doesn’t Exist.

All right. This evening I was with the team after a fantastic night of no-gi jiu-jitsu.

We have this thing, jiu-jitsu then beer on Thursday nights. We talk about life and whatever.

One of the guys is really smart with science and archeology and many other fascinating things.

I, on the other hand, am “smart” with other things, not so much in those areas.

I live, “outside the box,” see?

And people that are more oriented toward facts, figures, hard sciences, sometimes, from my perspective, sometimes, usually, they seem to be very good at things that are “inside the box.”

They are sometimes geniuses at these inside the box things.

The interesting the to me about the box, is that the box almost always reinforces that fact that it is a box.

All of the information, the data, the history, the stats, the icons, they all say very clearly that the box is real and the box is all there is and there is nothing else.

And within the rules of the box, they are right!

That’s the crazy thing about it.

They can show you their data, their studies, their reports, their news.

But ultimately, all of these things exist inside the box, and so only reinforce the fact that there is a box.

If you were to try to explain to someone that lives in the box, that there is a world outside of the box, where the rules are different, more often than not, the inside the box person will explain how that is impossible, and then give you all the great reasons why the box is all there is, using the box and all there is inside of it.

So how can an outside the boxer ever hope to help someone escape the box?

First of all, the inside the box person would actually have to want to escape the box.

The box is safe, the box is familiar, the box is “reality.”

Outside the box, in my personal experiences, scares the crap out of people, LOL.

I can’t tell you the number of times that people have approached me for some of my “outside the box” ideas, and how once I started to open the box a bit, they wanted right back inside!

This is fine.

But, I was sitting here in the garage/studio/dojo/office and I suddenly remembered part of something that my friend said to me later in the conversations this evening.

He didn’t realize what he did, because he is an Atheist, so that fact that he just proved G-d exists, is kind of hilarious, and ironic, and AWESOME!

So, he was talking about how some of his early childhood experiences caused him to be jerky and he always expected people to take advantage of him and/or abuse him or be jerky to him.

He said that when he got a little older he learned that if he expected someone to be jerky to him, they would be.

But if he smiled and acted like they would be nice and decent to him then they were.

Now, this was just one little thing he shared in the 2.5 hours of talking tonight.

It wasn’t a blip on the radar.

However, this is it.

This is IT!!!






He expected people to treat him jerky, and they did.

He expected people to treat him respectable, and they did.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right. -Henry Ford

What you focus on expands.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

Once upon a time, when I was about 13, I was living at home with my parents.

My mom became Jehovah’s Witness when I was young, and she started bringing me

My mom had been bringing me to her church since I was probably about 4, and I was at the age where I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.

I had been over it for years, but, she would guilt me into going to keep her happy.

So, I got to the point where I just wanted to know, one way or another, is G-d real?

And, if so, who is the real G-d?

So I said to “God”, hey, if you are real, show me. Prove it. Prove it and I will follow you if you are real.

I was really trying, really “praying.”

And wouldn’t you know, who showed up at my doorstep…


I couldn’t freaking believe it!

What the heck?!!

No way. There is no way that just happened.

That’s a coincidence.

Just a coincidence.

There is no way that “Jehovah” is the one and only true G-d, and yet, I literally just prayed and asked for a sign, for guidance, and that happened.


This is not possible.

What about all the other religions?

They can’t all be wrong!

Some people fight and kill over their religions.

There must be something else. Something I’m missing.



Okay, well, if there really are more than one god, then it’s possible that Jehovah was just the first to show up.

And what about coincidence?


Two things, co-inciding.

In some form of bond or relationship.

Some connection.

What makes the connection?

Who makes the connection?

The experiencer of the coincidence!


The person who notices the co-incidence has the experience and is the Creator of the experience and the Creator of the coincidence!

If no one noticed the relationship between the two things, the coincidence would be like a tree falling in a forest with no one around to hear it.

The coincidence, or rather, the noticing of it, is something quite magical.

It holds the secret to the Universe!

It holds the secret to the BOX!

It holds the secret to G-d!

Who is doing the noticing?

Is it, YOU?

WHO…R…U? – The Caterpillar

What if you expected people to be nice and respectful, and you treated people nicely and respectfully because that’s what nice and respectful people do to each other and that became your new reality?

What if you expected to meet someone new and then you did?

What if you positively expected and acted as if it were true that people like you and want to do business with you, could you become a top producer with a mindset shift like that?

Could you change the course of your own destiny with a shift like that?

What if you had more than one person making a shift like that?

Have you ever experienced a coincidence with another person?

Like, you thought of someone and then they called you?

Or you called someone and then they said, OH! I was just thinking about you!!



How far can you take it?

If you simply write it off, then it is just a write-off.

If you treat it like it is THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE AND GOD ITSELF then maybe you would explore this phenomenon further.

Maybe, you would make a game of it, like, how many coincidences can I create?

How extravegant can I make them?!

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Proof That God Does Not Exist

If someone does not believe G-d exists, G-d does not exist…for them.

It doesn’t mean that G-d doesn’t exist for someone else.

If someone else believes in G-d, and is oriented toward G-d, then they will experience more “godly” things.

If someone does not believe in G-d, then they will experience more things that confirm that god does not exist.

Both are right.

That is their true experience of it.

They are both the Creators of their own experience.

In one’s experience, maybe there is a god named Thor.

Maybe in one experience it is Jehovah.

Maybe it is there is no god.

Maybe there is nothing at all.

Maybe not even the thoughts thinking this.

Maybe not even the keyboard typing this.

Maybe not even the eyes reading it.

Go ahead, deconstruct it all.

Watch it burn.

Then what.

What’s left.

Where are you now?

Where are YOU now?

What is YOU?


Are you the thinker of the thoughts in your head?


That’s just what it wants you to believe.

It loves the box.

It does help to navigate the box, I’ll give it that.

But don’t let it fool you.

Don’t let it fool YOU, friend.

Remember, YOU are the silent observer behind the “smart” voice in your head.

The “smart voice” isn’t YOU, unless of course, YOU want it to be…ha…haahhaa…and the mome raths, outgraaabe…

You think that there can be only that G-d exists or that G-d doesn’t exist. LOL.

That is limited thinking, that’s pretty mortal of you, lol.

G-d IS.

G-d is not.

Can you feel it?

Do you know how to get there?

Is it a person?

Is it an entity?


Can one become a God of one’s own experience?

The one who CHOOSES which expectations one wants to focus on until it is reflected back in the physical dimension?

The one who is CONSCIOUS of the thoughts the “smart voice” spews and is able to wisely choose which ones to create through the spoken word?

What if there were more and more people starting to ask questions like this?

What if more than one person started to have positive future expectations of love, harmony, peace and prosperity?

Would it be possible that our COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS INTENTIONS could SHIFT in such a way as to alter our collective destiny?

Let’s find out shall we 🙂

–Winston “the Find Your Flow guy” Widdes




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