last night on the jazz station they play the song My Favorite Things.  this happens to be 1 of my favorite songs. as I’m getting ready for my day, I am thinking of my favorite things and how fortunate I am that I get to do many of them.

for example, I get to teach music. I love teaching music! I get to teach at a school, and privately. this was something I bow to do straight out of high school and I am very fortunate and happy to say that I get to do it almost every day.

another thing I love doing is DJing. This week I get to DJ for the San Diego Blood Bank.

I won’t go down the hole list, and I’m sure you have plenty of your own things to think about, but the last 1 I will say is that I get to do this blog, is newsletter, and create tools to help me get into flow.

I admit, I am a flow junkie. 🙂

there is so much time I spend doing flow activities, and getting caught up in it that I spend tons of time in flow.

I guess for me the moral of the story for me is to continue creating situations that allow me to do my favorite things.

how about you? are you giving yourself permission to do your favorite things?