Model Rocket Club!

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Model Rocket Club!

Hi Friend!

Do you like model rockets?  SWEET!  WE DO TOO!  So we are starting a Model Rocket Club online!

You can join the conversation here: FACEBOOK GROUP

Have you ever wondered how to launch a model rocket?

In this post we’re just going to be talking about some of the basics, but not get too technical.

More about some of the fun and some of the dangers.

Not too many dangers as long as you follow the directions.

Just dangerous for those of us who don’t follow the directions 😛

I am by no means an expert, just a hobbyist, and it was something that I haven’t done in years.

But as our son got to be around 5 or 6 years old, the topic came up and I remembered how much fun I used to have with my friends building and launching model rockets!


What Kind of Model Rocket Should I Buy?

For starters, getting a full model rocket kit with launch pad is the way to go!

It has almost everything you need to get started.

Once you have your own launchpad you can always buy more rockets to build and launch later.

But to get started, a simple kit is good.

This is the model rocket kit with launchpad that we bought:


Here is one with a different rocket:


I like the set we got because it has two rockets and because the big one is easy to build and looks huge and awesome!  The smaller one was a bit more challenging of a build and flies super high!

These sets DO NOT come with model rocket engines, so you want to be sure that you order some when you buy your kit, otherwise you will be totally dissappointed having an awesome rocket that doesn’t actually fly.


What Type of Glue For Model Rockets?

I have used different glues and don’t have a particular brand loyalty, but I do have a suggestion…

FOr me, strong glue is one of those things that I use once, then almost never again, until months or years later, then it’s already dried out and I have to buy another one. SO, I started buying the small “one time use” super glues because then if one gets dried out, I already have another one ready to go and I don’t have to mess with trying to clean out the nozzle with a pin or some other dangerous and often useless item.

So I recommend something like this:

It has multiple one-use tubes so you can do multiple rockets!

The key is that it is lightweight clear type glue, something super strong that dries fast, unlike white glue.

It also has a fine tip which is helpful because we will want to use a nice clean bead of glue to put on the fins for some of our rockets.


Where Can I Launch Model Rockets?

Launching model rockets is area specific in many cities!  Be sure to check out your area to make sure that you are abiding by your local laws!  Here in San Diego, there is an Island about 20 minutes from our house where we can go to launch rockets.

If you’re wondering, “where can I launch model rockets” then you are in luck!

The National Association of Rocketry has a full list of launch sites all across the country!  Check it out here –> Find model launch sites near me


Where Can I Buy A Model Rocket Kit?

You can buy your model rockets while supporting Find Your Flow by clicking the links on this page.  We get a little bit of rocket fuel (money) so we can do more launches!

Get your model rocket engines, plugs and wadding here:

If you already know that you want to do a bunch of launches, might as well go for the whole enchilada:


I’ll be updating this post with photos of our rockets and some video of launches so check back!

If you have any photos or videos of your rockets please share them!

You can post them in the Facebook Group or email them to info(at)




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