I didn't overexert myself, I picked my shots, I was much more conscious of strategy instead of just being responsive to the situation.  It definitely helped me to have an intention for attacks and guard passes.  I went against L. and in the past I have been able to get to mount (a very good position) or mount but he would retain quarter guard ( a somewhat less good position).  I used to not take the time to clear my ankle but would just continue with attacks.  But today I took my time, cleared the ankle and hit an arm bard.  He was very flexible and I didn't want to hurt him of course, so I keep adjusting and pulling back and finally he tapped. This was the first time I've tapped him out, he has always been so good maneuvering his arms and protecting his neck.  Plus, he weights about 225lbs would be my guess (I'm about 176lbs)

Then, I hit two Darce chokes on different guys, an ankle lock and another arm bar.  B. said that I have really improved.  

I felt pretty fluid.  I did get winded, and was tired, but was able to play the last round.  I think total we did a 7 minute round, and then three 6 minute rounds. Of course we did warmups and learning new techniques around escaping from back mount and reversing to twister side control type position.

Gotta go, sounds like someone isn't going to be napping after all.