This has been a slowish week, but not horribly slow. Its been good overall.  I've got a wedding gig tomorrow night, should be fun.   Tonight Elena and I are going to go out and grab some dinner.  Mom-in-law is watching Bradley.  I would love to make it out to see my friend and mentor Tim Sweeney at his comedy gig out in Temecula but mom-in-law can't last long enough for us to make that.  Plus, I still have preparations to do for tomorrow. 

I get to choose dinner tonight so that is really exciting.  I don't care much what it is, but I am craving an ice cold beer.  I don't drink much, so when I do want some beer, I want a tasty and delicious one that goes with the meal.  For example, thai food? Singha!  Mexican food?  Pacifico or Tecate!  Pizza or veggie burger?  Hmm, could be Stone IPA, or a different local craft beer, usually something hoppy like a pale ale or IPA, sometimes a hef like Blue Moon.

Mmmmm.  Beeeeerrrr.