Starting with a log of some recent coincidences…

Read a story about some kids that found a train track.  Each one tried to balance on it and walk on a rail.  Each fell off after a few steps because it was uneven.

Then, one kid bets the other kids that both he AND his friend could both walk further than all the rest of them had.

Of course, the other kids take the bet.

Then, the kid and his friend each get on a rail and hold hands and walk down the rails together.  They use each other to balance and hold each other up.

A couple days later, I noticed a copy of the San Diego Reader (a local magazine) on our kitchen table.  It had a picture of a woman and her daughter walking down the rails of a train track holding hands.  Nice.


At my new job I get to be an “Intrapreneur.”  I wasn’t familiar with the term before, but then my friend and mentor Henry Evans said that word as I was describing my new job.  Then I remembered seeing that word on the notepad I got at work.

So I get to still do my entrepreneurial things, but now I get to do it with the built-in support of an established company that has resources and is growth minded.

I get to use the tools and systems that the company has developed, and I’m so excited.

This is a bigger picture flow, many things have synched up around this; real estate, marketing, online marketing specifically, consulting, speaking, consistent income, etc.

I’m going to grow my consulting and marketing company using their tools and systems, as well as start to promote these tools and systems to other people who would like to increase their cash flow through real estate investing or as entertainers/musicians.


I’ve recently received two referrals around “”

The site is not up right now, but the dream lives on!

Basically, it is a marketing agency for bands and musicians to help them automate and monetize their performances and music businesses.

So that’s cool.  I’m working with Krista Richards to to help her get ready for her upcoming EP release party in Del Mar, CA.  It is a private event, but I can invite you if you’re interested.  Hit me up on Facebook!

All right, have a great Friday, and until next time my friend…be flowing!