This has been a very exciting and busy week. ?Lots has happened, here are some highlights…

  • #socialflow – So, last weekend we went up to LA to visit some of Elena’s family, particularly her Uncle who is fighting cancer. ?He looked better than I imagined and is now at home recovering.

Never a fun thing to see someone you care about going through something like that. ?Fortunately, he has a loving and supportive family around him.

We did some fun things while we were there, stayed with Elena’s cousins which is always a good time! ?We went to Travel Town and climbed trains and even rode the little train that cruises around.

Winston Widdes Travel Town 2

Winston Widdes Travel Town

B wakes up crazy early and gets loud quick. ?So I took him to Western Bagles, my all time favorite bagel place to pick up a dozen bagels. ?Truth be told, I also got two pizza bagels, with the intention of bringing one back, but it didn’t make it.

On the way home, we stopped to meet with my Grandma at Carney’s on Sepulveda Blvd. ?We really saw a lot of trains this weekend. ?I was still full (I wonder why) so I only had a chocolate milkshake and fries.

As we went to leave though, the car didn’t start. ?Ug.

  • #Socialflow – Miraculously, Elena’s cousin-in-law Tuvi drove over and spent half the day pulling out the starter, getting a new one (saving us over $125 through one of his hookups) and then installed it saving us who-knows-how-much on mechanic fees and spending an extra night in LA. Whew! ?Thanks Tuv!
  • #cashflow – This week I had a couple interviews. ?Yup, I am getting a job, for real. I had two places that were my top 2, and after receiving an official offer from one, I accepted it.

So now I will be an online marketing consultant to real estate students. ?I’m really excited to get started, and I get a little bit of time to close up some other projects and get organized.

It will be a bit of a lifestyle change, but I am really looking forward to starting a new chapter. ?Company name…Mind Protein. ?#mindflow

  • #spiritflow – I have been doing interviews for the podcast this week and I am so happy to get to share them with you! ?Really amazing people sharing their stories and experiences. ?I even had DJ IDeaL stop by to record his episode so there will be some behind-the-scenes video if you’re interested!
  • #bodyflow – So I haven’t been very active this week, no BJJ training. 🙁 ?But, I’ve been busy with all this running around and what not, so I’ve been a little more tired than usual. ?I hope to start back up tomorrow morning.

— ?That’s about it. ?OH! ?And, I’m doing a workshop at the TEDX event at Greenfield Middle School on April 16th, so if you are in San Diego and want to check it out, stop by and say hi! ?You can learn more about it here: TEDx Event Details

All right friend, until next time?Be Flowing!

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