back when I was really studying martial arts, via VHS tapes, I got into 1 style called Spetsnaz: Russian Super Soldier fighting.

that guy the instructor on the tape talked about dumping a cold bucket of water over you each and every day. he explained that the health benefits are extraordinary. Because when you do this, your body temperature instantly spikes causing a mini fever in your body. This kills of any bacteria that maybe trying to take over your immune system.

I would do this regularly. Now a days, I have gotten away from it, but my assistant slash nanny has been taking cold showers as a part of her yoga practice. I figured if she could do it weighing all of 90 pounds, I should be able to do it too. So I started today and I can tell you that I feel great!

Plus, since I am doing the “4 Hour Body” diet by Tim Ferriss, part of it is taking cold baths or showers. The cold causes your body to raise the temperature thus burning more calories.

it never really gets easier, but who said that looking great and getting ripped would be easy 🙂