Good morning!

It’s 10:25 here, got a lot to do so I’m going to keep this short.  Exciting things this week:  Meeting with the TEDx contact on Tuesday to go over preparations for the event next month!

Also, gotta finish my taxes 😛

Real estate stuff, changing to a new broker, taking a listing.

Podcast interview with No Pants Sammi!

Background check on new tenant for a property I manage.

Finish “3 Steps To Flow” free mini-course and create the link and put in on the blog and podcast.

Almost to 1,000 downloads/listens on the podcast!  The goal is to break 1,000 by March 31st, that gives me just four more days!  Last count as of yesterday was 919!  Getting close!

Train BJJ Monday and Thursday at the gym then the other days at home.

Spend the weekend with Elena’s family.

Those are the big rocks.

Let’s do this!

Until next time friend, Be Flowing!