The Flow Book Series for Flow Minded Readers

Looking for the flow book series that everyone’s been talking about recently? ?Here is a sneak peek at the most recent flow book and what is coming up next…

When you want a flow book series to get yourself into flow quickly and easily, keep reading because in addition to the flow books that I have already published, we have another flow book coming soon!

A couple years ago I published the first Find Your Flow book: The Social ExperimentAt the beginning of this year I published, Find Your Flow – Social Flower Expert Series #1. ?It is the first flow book in the series and it hit #1 best seller on Amazon!

Flow Book Series from the Social Experiment

Now, the second flow book in the series is about to be published on kindle, then the physical edition will be available shortly thereafter.

Flow Book Series

The goal with this flow book is to give readers a short, easy and fun read that will help you get into a flow state quickly. ?The authors that contributed share their favorite flow stories and experiences, so its kind of like grabbing a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever you prefer) and having one of those super fantastic conversations that leave you feeling energized and excited for your day.

Each flow book in the series is small enough to fit into your purse or backpack, it actually even fits in my back pocket so you can take it anywhere. ?Plus, the flow book will have new authors each edition so you can collect them all!

What’s in em? ?Great question! ?In the new book we have Ashley Ludlow, a singer/songwriter share some stories from her youth that have impacted her and millions of people like her throughout her life. ?She talks about how a negative body image made her feel inadequate and unhappy even at a very young age. ?Then she tells us how she has improved her body image and how she feels so much better now and how you can too!

“Flow” shares her experience with Contact Improvisation Evolution! ?It is a dance-like art that is fun and liberating and of course?flowing! ?She has been teaching since her first encounter with it where she was deeply moved.

Then my good buddy Clinton Young tells us how he almost lost it all, and what he did to turn it all around and get back into flow. ?He specializes in working with college students and Millennials.

There’s also a very exciting near-death experience that Jules Schroeder shares with us that has her writing for Forbes and working with the United Nations on building a University for the World!

So what are you waiting for?! ?The flow book series was written just for you!

Until next time my friend?be flowing!