Daily Accountability ChecklistDaily Accountability Checklist

All right, so my blogging has been pretty consistent, the podcast has been pretty consistent, so I want to share what else is in the works.

The Flow Talk series is pretty inconsistent at this point.  I posted a couple of really short episodes, but I wanted to make them longer, which I filmed last week but still haven’t edited and posted yet.

Will I do it this week?

I’m already pretty busy, but here are my “to-do’s”

For one, I want to make an easier to see goal chart.  I used to use a chart called my Daily Accountability Chart (DAC) that is really easy to use and visually see whether I’m hitting my daily and weekly goals.

I am going to post images of it now on this blog.

Check out my D.A.C. here –> CLICK HERE 

This has my most important daily activities so that I remember to do them and I can check them off which makes me feel pretty awesome and proud of myself.

I used to have a big binder on my desk and I would have my DAC in it, but why not go digital?  It will save trees, plus because its on Google Drive I can do it pretty much anywhere and you can follow along if you like.

Here is the link for your convenience: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WhVWsc68c6N6IczfJg-o7gcgVSNrIvoN3ccfeU7cx88/edit?usp=sharing

All right, one more big piece of news…

I am seriously thinking about competing in an upcoming jiu-jitsu tournament.  It’s April 3rd.  So, ideally, from the perspective of this blog, I would commit to doing the tournament, then post everything I am doing to prepare and flow up to the day of the tournament, and then see how I do.

So what do you say?  Sound interesting?  Watch your buddy Winston prepare to fight in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament?

But wait Winston, aren’t you all ‘peace and love’ and hippy and what-not?

Yeah, and to be honest, I’m not particularly competitive, so the idea of going to a competition doesn’t really appeal to me.  EXCEPT…

What does appeal to me is this idea that the words “jiu-jitsu” translate to “the gentle way.”

So, if I approach it from a self-defense perspective, going in to mitigate threats against me, could I use what I’ve learned to protect myself against an attack without hurting the attacker?

Could I have fun doing it?  Could I use my flowing style jiu-jitsu effectively or is it just pretend?  Is it too “fancy” and fake?

Only one way to figure out really.

I have to get permission from my professor, Regis Lebre first before I would even be allowed to compete, but I’m definitely considering it.  Stay tuned…