How Not Being Lazy is Killing Your Success

What do you associate with goals? Of course, it feels great when we accomplish a goal we?ve set for ourselves, but more often than not, we don?t accomplish them. And that leaves us feeling…guilty. Very, very guilty. find your flow_slacker success 3

This guilt eats at us. We think about it constantly – how we should have done this or that, and how we?re just a complete failure because of our lack of self-discipline and motivation. That gets us feeling even guiltier, to the point where we?re paralyzed and we can?t move forward.

The Downward Spiral

It?s a negative downward spiral, and just about all of us go through it – and to what end? Do we all-of-a-sudden wake up one day and decide to be motivated and self-disciplined? Nope. Because these habits are deeply ingrained and are a huge part of what makes us, well, us!

What if, instead of striving to do more, be more, have more…what if instead of setting goals the way we?re taught we ?should?…what if we simply embraced our laziness and let go of all that guilt.

Embrace Your Laziness

Imagine, not feeling the guilt of not having done what you?re ?supposed to? have gotten done.

Imagine not caring one iota what society says you should do and instead focusing on your own unique strengths and using those to propel you forward.

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It can happen, and it?s not as difficult as you think. Embracing your laziness is often the best thing you can do for yourself – personally and professionally. If you?re not the type of person that bounds out of bed at 5 am, if you?re not the type of person who gets excited about setting goals – hey, that?s okay.

Because you?ve got a million and one talents and skills that you can use without any goals, and without any need for the opinions of others. With these, you can build your business, and you can craft your ideal life.

Empty Goals

Striving to accomplish things that hold no meaning for you, and doing it because you?re told to do it, or because society says it?s the right thing to do – well, that holds no passion. It?s just performing, like a trained monkey. And you?re no monkey.

You are a bright and brilliant individual who is going to use their laziness to get things done in their own way, in their own time! So let all that guilt go and embrace your lazy self!!



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