How Letting Go is a Way to Make Things Happen

Have you ever noticed the harder you try to make something happen, the less progress you make? Or the more obstacles that come up out of nowhere? We’ve all experienced this. The more attached we are to the outcome of a goal or project, the further away it seems to get. When this is the cycle, it doesn’t take long before our enthusiasm for achieving it goes down the drain. We talk ourselves into believing that it must not be meant to be since it’s so hard. Or maybe we decide we just aren’t smart enough, strong enough, or whatever, to make it happen. In reality, what is most likely causing the issue is our focus on not having what we want is blocking us from getting it.

We attract what we focus on

When we think and talk about how we don’t have something or how we want to have it, it means we are focusing energy onto wanting. Wanting equates to an absence of what we want. If we change our focus to preparing to accept that we want, believing it is coming our way, we focus our energy on having, not wanting. This simple shift in mindset can make all the difference – it can make things flow to you easier and quicker.

We grasp tightly

We tend to obsess about what we want. We hold onto it so tightly that we strangle the energy surrounding it. If we relax about reaching the goal or finishing the project, we give our minds space to come up with inventive ways to make things work easier. And we signal to the Universe that we trust that It is bringing us what we want.

We believe we have control

We go about our daily lives focused on what we want to achieve, and talk ourselves into believing that we have all the control of what happens in our lives. Then when a setback occurs or something unexpected happens, we are discouraged and blown away. Really, we have much less control over making things happen than we believe we do. Control is an illusion. We have no control over what other people will do. We have no control over nature or the economy or the world governments. You could do absolutely everything right when designing your new startup, but when the economy goes into a major recession without warning, how can you control that? Letting go and going with the flow allows you to take responsibility for what you can control while trusting that things that you can’t control will align for you.

Letting go and going with the energetic isn’t easy. But it makes for a happier, healthier life. And one in which you can sustain your motivation and enthusiasm for taking on new goals and commitments.

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