3 Ways To Start Writing For Money

Wondering how to start writing for money?  Is this a real career choice or a pipe dream?  Here are 3 real ways that you can start writing for money.  

Blogging – Blogging can be a great way to start writing for money and it can be done for your own brand or website, or for someone else’s blog.  It can be a regular writing gig, or a one-off.  

If you go the blogging route, you should be current on SEO strategies as this will help you get the better, higher paying writing gigs.  For one-offs, you will be writing a guest blog post.  Sometimes you get paid for just that article.  Sometimes, you may consider writing it for free to get published on a certain website or blog, that could help drive traffic back to your own website or blog.  Or, you may write it just to get on a certain site so that you can say, “As seen on —”.  

Build Your Portfolio

This can be great for your credibility and looks good on resumes and portfolios.  If you are looking to blog for other people or a company, you should also practice writing in different “voices.”  This will come in handy for your portfolio, and you want to have some examples of your work available when a potential client or employer asks.


Writing for money is the name of the game for copywriters.  Copywriting is a slightly different kind of writing because as the name implies, you are “copying” other people’s writing.  But it is a specific kind of writing, this isn’t novel writing, or even nonfiction, it is salesmanship in print.  As a copywriter you could write about virtually any service or product.  

Specialize in an Industry or Niche

As you get more experience, you may find that you are really good at writing within a certain industry or niche.  You may start to specialize in that niche.  When you niche down, you can often start charging more.  In marketing there is a saying, “The Riches are in the Niches.”  Top copywriters can charge a fee for writing plus get royalties on sales that come as a result of that sales letter or marketing piece.  If you are even considering going the copy-writing path, I would HIGHLY encourage you to read as much of Dan Kennedy’s material as possible. 

Social Media Content Creator – This is a growing field, for people who want to grow their online social media presence to hire a Social Media Content Creator.  As a content creator you might find yourself writing blurbs, reviews, articles or opinion pieces as a way to keep a product or service “out there” and in engaging with customers and potential customers.  As a content creator you should familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade: Hootsuite.com for scheduling content, Canva.com (for graphic design), and of course all of the social media platforms.  

So where do you find these kind of jobs?  Check out places like www.Upwork.com, www.Guru.com,  www.Freelancer.com,  even sites like www.Fiverr.com and www.Craigslist.com  can be good sources to start writing for money.

There are of course other ways to start writing for money, but these are some of the “tried and true” methods that are both practical and realistic with a little research and hustle.  But what if you have already been writing?  What if you already have a book, how do you make money with it?  


Create eBooks Easily! – Designrr
Canva (easy and beautiful graphics for your books and articles)
Get an Internship 




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