awesome blog headerQuick post…

Did a fun podcast this week:?

3 Day weekend!!! YAY!!! SO EXCITED TO CHILL AND BBQ AND CHILL AND?did I say chill yet? ?Good. ?Yeah, I plan on doing a lot of that.

Making good progress with the book, hopefully will finish it this weekend.

Made good progress with my new niche:

Got the Facebook site up and rolling:

And Twitter: @reinvestorleads

Let’s connect! ?Oh, are you on LinkedIn? Connect with me here:?

Oh, by the way, please let me know you found me on this blog or podcast or whatever so I don’t mistake you for a spammer or fake account. ?I don’t know about you, but I get the most beautiful half-naked women trying to be my friends on some of these sites. ?Of course, most are fake. ?Sooo, be real friend. ?And be flowing.