Creating Good Habits in Your Children

It is important to help your children understand the importance of doing things on a regular basis. You don’t think twice about teaching them to brush their teeth every day. When you do something repeatedly it becomes a habit. Having good habits can set your children up for their future.


Some examples of creating good habits in your children include having them expect to spend time each night on homework. They know that to learn how to play basketball or kick that soccer ball they have to practice until it becomes a habit.

Like anything in life, habits are not always that easy to learn. Some people just have that knack for throwing or hitting a ball. Some children find it easier to learn how to read and write, while others labor over this.

At home, you teach your children to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, make their bed and brush their teeth. These are all habits, they had to be taught. They become so habitual that your child does them automatically.

As a proud parent, you want your children to form good habits that will benefit them in life. If they know how to organize their day, they will become great planners and be more productive. Teaching them the habit of saving helps prepare them for eventually moving out and living on their own.

It’s Not Easy

When it comes to helping your children form habits it is not always easy. Children are definitely not predictable at all. One of the basic requirements of forming habits is learning how to schedule things.

School schedules your children for you, they have to arrive on time and go to classes at certain times. At home, you need to set up guidelines similar to this. Bedtime is scheduled based upon the age of your child. Homework is scheduled based on the amount or regularity of the homework. You should schedule chores in a similar way.

If your child’s week is fairly busy then schedule in chores for the weekend. There is no reason why they can’t help sort their own laundry, pick out their own flowing t-shirt and hat to wear for the day, help change their bedding and even help plan out meals for the upcoming week.

You can help them develop healthy routines like drinking water, taking vitamins, eating fruits and veggies.

As you schedule in these chores you are also helping them become more independent. They will know how to clean, how to prepare certain meals and be familiar with the whole process of buying groceries.

To help your children form good habits start them off early and add in age-appropriate chores and tasks for them to complete. They will thank you for it later on in life.


Photo by Caleb Oquendo