Cobra Kai

This is a blog post about Cobra Kai the series.

I will do my best to lay it out sequentially so that you can stop reading and not hit any spoiler alerts unknowingly.

I’ll start by saying that I LOVE this show.

I remembered seeing ads for it on YouTube but I didn’t have the pro Youtube so had to wait for it to come out on something else.

Eventually, it did, and as of this time, Tuesday May 17th, 11:30 pm, Elena and I just watched season 2, episodes 9 and 10.

This show is so good. So good.

Elena cried. I almost did.

There are so many cool levels to it, so many callbacks to the original.

It’s all the original actors from The Karate Kid movies, now they are grown up and have kids of their own.

My mind starts racing with all my favorite parts, but to try to not spoil it for you I have to try to organize the thoughts through the timeline and then write this blog that way :/

Okay, let’s just start writing and organize it later,

The scene where John Course is back and Johnny followed him back to the “motel” only to see where he really was living. I thought it was a moving scene when he sat on the bed with him and gave him another chance. I felt really happy for Course, like it was an opportunity at redemption. That really struck a nerve with me for some reason.

It was a total bummer to see him blow it.

Like, c’mon. He tried to take over, but it was also like a rite-of-passage for Johnny to take the initiative and not be taken advantage of. Course knew Johnny’s weakness and exploited it.

So, I was SUPER HAPPY when Johnny kicked him out!!!

That was pretty fantastic.

Weirdly I felt proud of him. I want him to succeed so badly. He’s trying so hard. And it’s not easy. And Course was bad news, and, I would have given him that second chance too, Elena was like nah, he hasn’t changed, he’s playing Johnny. And I thought so probably too, but, I felt sad for him. Course that is. I don’t know his story, but being he’s such a jerk, he maybe went through some stuff. And he’s a vet who went through some stuff, so you know, give the guy a break maybe.

All right, the night Johnny finally asks Miguel’s mom out and, actually before that, when he’s out with her NO at the beginning, the opening scene when he just goes up to her door and she say’s I’ll go get Miguel and he says I’m not here for Miguel and he steps in and kisses her. Then it goes into an 80’s themed softcore dream scene and then he wakes up. The 80’s music and the clothes and the whole thing, LOL.

Then when he’s on a date with her and the LaRusso’s show up and there is only one table, its the only one in the WHOLE PLACE and it is RIGHT NEXT TO JOHNNY and MIGUEL’S MOM and so they begrudginlgy sit down at the table right there and Daniel San’s wife says to the waitress, “they have warring karate dojos” and I’m dead.

Then the women figure it out and connect and go to the restroom together for who knows why women do that and the guys are at the table and not wanting to talk to each other and who knows why men do that and then they do talk and they get to the part where Daniel San is like, talking about how Course showed up at his dojo and was talking about war and stuff and then it clicked with Johnny, and he said how he kicked out Course and that he wants Cobra Kai to be better and Daniel San felt that.

And , and then I might of cried I don’t really remember and then they were cool and they shook hands and Johnny said, Course was about war, but he isn’t. That was great. They broke bread and ended the war.

Meanwhile, the kids are on a whole other trip.

But it’s now 11:56 pm and I’m tired. To be continued…