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How to Start Your Own Podcast

How to Start Your Own Podcast The Easy Way!

How to Start Your Own Podcast the easy and cheap way, then as you progress you may want to step it up, so this blog post will walk you through the process along with resources to help you flow through it!

Level 1

At this level depending on where you are at with your business and time and resources, maybe you want to start here or maybe you want to skip ahead.

I like to start FREE, or CHEAP.

So, the good news is there are free options!

Seriously Simple Podcast plugin for WordPress is really easy and free!

It has basic features and allows you to get up and running quickly, and connects to Apple Podcasts and some of the other major platforms to help you distribute your podcast.

It has another plugin called Seriously Simple Stats to help you track your podcast downloads.

As the name implies, its really simple, and basic. (and free!)


Level 2

At some point, maybe right away, you may want to make offers from your podcast.

You could do “commercials” or “sponsorship” recordings and add them to the intro, outro, or even in the middle of your podcast.

BUT, then you’re kinda stuck.

What if you want to end that offer and make a new offer to your listeners?

You have to go back and edit all those past episodes!

That costs tons of time and money!

What if you could change the intros and outros for multiple episodes at a time easily without going back through each one at a time?

That’d be FLOWING right?!


I looked high and low.

I had a Virtual Assistant that edited my podcast for me, but it still took a lot of my own time and energy to get him the recordings and get them back and upload them and etc. etc.

So I looked all over the internet and found, Anchor!

I gave it a try, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do what I was trying to do.

It looked possible and I’ve heard of people doing it, but I got impatient and moved on.

Then, coincidentally, a friend recommended me to check out bCast.

I tried it.

I loved it.

I went all in!

I bought in at the top level and so far I have been very happy!!

You can try it free here:?bCast Podcast

(this is a sponsor/partner link- I may be compensated if you buy it, but it won’t cost you anything extra.)

Advanced Level

Ready to make money with your podcast?!? AWESOME!

Once you understand the basics of how to start your own podcast, then some people really want to take it to the next level; monetization!

Here is where the marketing comes in and some real, market tested advice and guidance is worth its weight in gold.? These guys are the real deal.

Matt and Joe from Podhacker?are two super sharp marketers that have been crushing the podcast space for years.

They bring on some amazing guests onto their show and you get access to those interviews as a member.

I am a member and get a ton of value in helping me build and monetize the Find Your Flow Podcast!

(On a side note, I’m also a subscriber to their monthly Evergreen Profits Newsletter which I highly recommend to help you further grow your podcast brand and followers.)

I met Matt and Joe here in San Diego at a marketing networking meeting that I used to go to.

It was a fantastic group led by one of my friendtors (friend/mentor) and there were so many smart and successful marketers that used to attend.

These guys are really cool and down to Earth and if you are more business minded and want your podcast to help your business or brand, then this program is definitely one to look at because getting downloads and likes is one thing, monetizing your podcast is something that very few podcasters actually figure out.

If you want to make money with your podcast, then “this is the way.” -> Podhacker?

Until next time my friend…Be Flowing!

— Winston

P.S. I find the best tools that I can for my own businesses, then I form partnerships to bring the tools and resources on this page to you! The links on this page may be sponsor/partner links- I may be compensated if you buy it, but it won’t cost you anything extra.



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