Artists Wanted!

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Are you a graphic artist or designer that wants to get more professional work while making designs and learning to market yourself as a paid artist?

There are different ways to monetize your art, but not many artists do it successfully because while they are fantastic at the art side, they don’t understand (or want to understand) the business side.

That’s fine if you are doing it for fun or passion, no judgement!? I create lots of art (music, books, etc) for the passion, not for the money.

But there are times that you might want to get paid for using your artistic skills.


Again, there are different strategies, and I’m not going to get into them all here.

This is one opportunity that you can get started with right away to start getting your art in a position to monetize without the headache and hassle of building a website, learning how to setup an ecommerce store, setting up a merchant account, paying tons of monthly fees, etc. etc.

Get started the EASY WAY! is a place for you to get your artwork up quickly and easily for free, hosted for free and promoted for free!

Submit your artwork to as a Contributing Artist!

Your artwork will be made available on any or all of the following that you choose:

T-shirts, Hats, Sweaters, Mugs

Your design(s) will go through our review process to make sure that they fit with the brand, and if they do, we will add them to the catalogue.

Once they are added to the catalogue you can submit a bio about yourself, a link to your website and social media pages, and a photo of you.

Once it is uploaded in the store you will receive links to promote your designs!

We will publish it on our social media and blog and send it to our email subscribers.

For additional promotion we might want to discuss getting you on the podcast or .TV show!

But let’s keep it simple to start…

How much will I make?

You will make 80% of the profit on each sale. Profit means after the manufacturer has been paid, you and will split the profit 80% to you, 20% to

You retain 100% of the rights to your art!

You will fill out a form that allows me and my team to sell merchandise with your art on it for a percentage of the sales.

You can cancel and pull your art from the catalogue at any time.

You will receive marketing analytics to show how much traffic is going to your designs and how many sales have been made.

Your commissions will be paid out monthly via paypal or Venmo.

Want to promote your designs and earn more commissions?


As a Find Your Flow? Contributing Artist you will receive free or special discounted access to the tools and resources that you can use to promote your professional services and your art!

Simply fill out the form below to get started!

[FORM COMING SOON – In the meantime, message me on Facebook! Winston Widdes]


Winston Widdes, author with book standing in front of TedX sign - TEDx

Winston Widdes, author and publisher- TEDx


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Find Your Flow? Contributing Artist!!

Until next time my friend…be flowing!

–Winston “the Find Your Flow? guy” Widdes