Find yourself “zoning out” much?” Good.

Contrary to popular belief, zoning out can be an incredibly useful thing to do.

Now, don’t go zoning out while you’re operating heavy machinery or taking care of babies or anything else that may result in a lawsuit or injury. [Disclaimer: Read this at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for how you may interpret this or what you may do with this information.] Basically, don’t zone out and blame it on me in. Fair?

But really, zoning out can be exceeding useful. In some cases, you can actually perform better at some things while zoning out. Proceed at your own risk…

So yesterday I was talking with a co-worker about “flow.” I asked him what was his biggest flow experience, or most significant experience.

He said one time he was playing Guitar Hero, a video game that has a guitar-like controller, and he was playing it when he sort of, “zoned-out.”

He realized that he actually did better when he didn’t concentrate so hard. He recognized it as “a thing.”

Then, some years later he heard the term “flow” and put together that his experience was that of flow.

I think that’s a great example of getting into flow that many people can relate to.

He said that when he watched all the colors on the screen and thought about what button he was supposed to push, he quickly fell behind and lost.

But when he just went with it and stopped thinking about it, (zoning out) his hands somehow knew what to do automatically.

There are all sorts of things I like to do while spacing out. ? Practicing magic tricks, typing blogs, playing music and more.

These activities are all flow activities for me because they allow me to zone out easier. ?It is calming. Peaceful.

The conscious mind can go on autopilot and conserve energy while the subconscious mind can just cruise and do it’s thing.

It’s a zen-like trance that is so good for the mind, body and spirit. That’s why I love it.

What kind of things do you do that you might do better if you were to let go of the “thinking” part around it. Anything that might flow better for you?

Ponder that for a bit.

If you want to go deeper, listen to this podcast interview I did with you. You were great. It was really fun: CLICK HERE

Until next time my friend…be flowing.