What is Momentum?

What is momentum? How to gain momentum for life and business!

What is momentum as it applies to life and business?? Do some of the same scientific principles around momentum apply to life?

What is Momentum and How Can It Work in Your Life?

The scientific theory of momentum can work similarly in your own life and to help you reach goals. The same facts which can lift a jet plane off the ground can lift you out of a stagnant life and put you in a world where positive things happen and you reach the success you desire.

The scientific theory of momentum is Mass x Velocity = Momentum. You?ve probably seen trucks barreling down the highway at rapid speeds ? and the results of hitting a slick spot in the road. The faster the truck is speeding, the more difficult it is to slow it down.

It takes powerful brakes to slow that truck after it gathers a certain amount of momentum. It?s the same momentum that gets a jet plane off the ground and the same momentum that gets a train to its destination on time.

Momentum In Your Life

As momentum relates to your life ? once you gather momentum and keep it going, it?s going to be difficult to stop the forward motion you?ve created. In the beginning many things can throw you off track, but when you?ve worked for a period of time, momentum builds and can propel you on to success.

Momentum can make you successful in many areas of your life ? if you have weight to lose, it becomes easier to keep losing weight after you?ve lost a few pounds. Your mind is set, your habits of eating and exercising have improved and you have fewer doubts that you?ll reach the finish line.

Momentum In Relationships

In relationships, momentum can work to establish commitment and sharing with others. Relationships are fragile and must be nourished and nurtured consistently to bring about the results you want.

If a relationship starts losing momentum it is important to regroup and refocus on the shared goals.? By realigning goals and dreams people in a relationship can get clear about where they are losing momentum and where there might be ways to start regaining that momentum.

Look for areas of overlap and synergy and discuss ways that you can support each other as you move forward together toward common goals.

By looking at the big picture together, or further down the path, you can minimize friction and build a powerful support line within your relationship that can help build and maintain momentum in a relationship.

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Momentum In Work

Work related momentum can guide you through the maze of climbing the corporate ladder or beginning a business and making a success of it. No one wants to be stuck in a ?going-nowhere? job, and you need to recognize when momentum just isn?t working and make a decision to move forward in another area or career.

Learn all you can about momentum and how the scientific principle can be used in all areas of your life. Once the wheels start turning, it will be difficult to stop you achieving what you set out to do.



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