Change In Momentum

Change In Momentum vs. Building Momentum for Your Life or Business

Are you experiencing a change in momentum in your life or in your business?  It’s crucial that you work toward creating momentum to carry you through both the bad and good times when focusing on life goals or building your business for success.

Whether you’re already a successful entrepreneur or a fledgling novice, you’ve got to have momentum working behind the scenes to keep it growing – or to get your ideas noticed by others

Change in Momentum for Start Up Businesses

The very term, “start up,” used for new businesses or ideas indicates a need for an acceleration to get the business off the ground and moving forward.

Before you can ever start – you’ve got to build momentum to push you forward.  But maybe you already have momentum going somewhere else, and you are wondering how to keep the momentum going as you focus on a new start up business or new life goal.

Here are some ideas you may want to brainstorm to help you identify what it will take to get the cogs on the wheels of your business turning:

  • Find help – There may be certain areas of business you’re really good at and are the best person to lead. Other areas may take problem-solvers or experts that you need to get on board.
  • Get the word out – Building momentum in business means getting the word out to all people and other businesses that can help your business grow. Build trust by being honest about y our capabilities and you’ll be building an army of customers.
  • Know your stuff – If you want to build yourself up as an expert in a certain business, others must be convinced that you know it inside-out. You’ve got to know future and present trends and gather knowledge about the industry that will build confidence in others.
  • Why are you in this business? – Do you want to make money – change the world – be your own boss or other, personal reason for making a business successful? It’s as important that you know why you want the business as it is to know how to make it successful.

After you’ve brainstormed ways to build momentum for your business to become successful, make the choices it will take to drive the momentum forward. You can’t get sidetracked to take your focus off the finish line. 

A change in momentum can happen very quickly if you aren’t paying attention so be sure to track KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that will help you notice if momentum starts to fade. 

Momentum vs. Friction

Friction is bound to occur in any new business – and you know what friction can do to momentum. If you get pushed off the momentum track for awhile, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and – do it again and again — until it works. 

The more friction you can remove, the easier it will be to build momentum.  The more momentum you build, the easier it will be to keep it going even when met with friction. 

If you don’t have any momentum yet and you DO have friction, then it is going to take a lot to get going, but you can start to remove friction points once you get into motion and see where you can make the most impact from a place of momentum rather than speculation. 




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