My Ratings of Listening to Crickets

By Pup Widdes.


The book is about a person named Rachel Carson, who finds out that DDT is killing all kinds of animals and bugs! She had a tough life because she did a lot of things. For example she: studied science, took care of her little brother, took care of her mom, wrote books, and even more. This story is nonfiction so everything is true.


She was actually the first woman to receive the Schweitzer Medal of the Animal Welfare Institute! Rachel had dedicated Silent Spring to Albert Schweitzer. She was happy to receive this award. 


Another awesome  fact that happened in this book, is that she has created over 5 books! To see the books, tap on this link Rachel Carson Books  .The five books she wrote were:

 Under The Sea-Wind,The Sea Around Us,The Edge of the Sea,Silent Spring, and The Sense of Wonder.


I’d rate this book four and half stars! I’d recommend this book to a friend 100%!I’d recommend this book to a friend because it teaches people to stop putting DDT on our crops. More by Pup Widdes: All About PUPPIES!!!, and Bob



This is a book review by by 9 year old son. His name is not actually, “Pup.” But he loves puppies.  Sharing this book report about “Listening to Crickets” with you friend, seemed like kind of a fun idea.  I’m going to share more as he does them. Then it got me thinking, maybe you know someone that has to do book reviews or book reports?  Send them my way! I will be happy to take a look and maybe you will see YOUR book report here! –Winston