Find Your Flows

Find Your Flows Wherever They May Go

Find Your Flows to get into flow states everyday.

The Find Your Flow® Flowosophy™ is all about finding those things that get you into a flow state, and making that a part of your everyday life.

The beautiful thing is that it looks different for everybody!

YOU get to customize it for your Self.

Maybe you ride bikes.

Or sew.

Or write.

Or game, or surf, or dance, or run, or play musical instruments, or sing, or whatever you want!

There is a 3 Steps to Flow process that I developed to help my self get into flow states almost instantly doing any kind of activity.

Each of those activities is what I would call “a flow.”

Then I would start stringing them together to flow through my day.

This became my life philosophy.

You can find your flows to ultimately Find Your Flow.

The term “flow” was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

It is often associated with “peak performance” although I prefer to look at other levels of flow as well.

You could get into flow very easily with one thing, like maybe running.

But then get stuck with writing.

But what if you could use your experience of flow states as a runner, and apply them to writing to start flowing with writing right away?!

What are the common threads?

What skills do you use to learn something new?

Are you a jack-of-all-trades or a jill-of-a-trades?

If not, do you know someone who is?

What do you notice about all of the things that they do?

Are there and overlaps?

These kind of questions can get the mind flowing 🙂

Getting the #mindflow is just one way to get into flow in my experience.

I host a weekly Book Club at work and we cover a different topic each month.

For August the theme is FLOW.



More on this soon as this post gets updated….