So yesterday I posted a quote from the Dalai Lama about happiness and money and material possessions.

 I teach music during the day and my classroom is right next door to the art teacher's room.  I mentioned the whole happiness without money, without material possessions, etc.  And again, i'm not saying that it isn't possible or a good thing or making any judgement about the quote, just digging deeper.  

She jokingly asked about how the happiness was coming along in the music department, what with the budget and all.  I thought about the situation of having one more student in my class than the number of guitars.  

She was already still worked up about a recent accreditation notification that came in the failed to mention art or music at all.

But the joking we did gave me the impression that we could certainly use money to get art supplies and instruments, and that would be pretty happy.  

All in all, yes, I do agree that money and material things are not necessary for happiness, happiness is a choice.  Also, I currently think that some material things and the freedom that money buys can greatly add to happiness, and can help spread happiness to others$100 Dollar Bill - A Benjamin.  And, if one is not thrilled with their current money situation, one could try to enjoy the process of improving that situation.