Just did my first "commercial."  Its for a flow tool that I really like, BodyBackBuddy.

I created the intro and outro which will go on each video that I create.  I even created some intro music.  Now, fair warning, I am promoting this tool.  Why? Because I use it like every night and it is quite awesome.  And, elena is REALLY GOOD at finding deals, so she gets the one that's priced best and has the cheapest shipping and handling.  So if you are in the market for a crazy but totally awesome product like this one, I can save you a ton of time researching it and that increases flow 🙂

Body Back Buddy Jr. and the BBB-Mini


I also put a link of the BodyBackBuddy in the new Find Your Flow Store!  So if you haven't stopped by there yet check it out!


As always, your support is appreciated.  No pressure though 😉