#Winning is a way of life

When you are #winning, you are not losing, and other such genius pieces of information…



Hi friend,?Just sitting here, #winning. ?Yeah, its good to be me. ?And hopefully, its good to be you too. ?Its Friday, so we got that going for us.

Its raining here in San Diego, CA, so that’s like a Christmas miracle. ?I personally love the rain, except when my backyard floods and seeps into the garage. ?Then I hate the rain. ?Yeah, I guess you could say I am a “fair-weathered friend” in that respect (cue the cheesy sad horn sound-wah, wah, waaaaaaaaaaahhh.)

SO I’m actually training right now, learning even more about social media and online marketing, cause I’m awesome like that.

Oh, what’s that? I’m blogging while I’m learning? ?Multi-tasking? ?That isn’t even real. You know what? Shut up. No one asked you. No one asked me? Really, I’m supposed to stick around and just read your ramblings? ?No, you’re supposed to absorb these ramblings. Make them your mantra. Ramble your own ramblings.

Live long and prosper. Don’t be evil. Keep it simple and short. Just do it. Second place is the first loser. And here, we win. No. We WIN. And, as a result, here in real-time, we are #winning. ?Yeah, you like that don’t you. Notice; no question mark on that last one. I’m telling you.

Okay, make it a great day. ?A great weekend even. ?Make it a great life. Don’t find yourself, create your self. Unapologetically use cliches every chance you get. No one will ever know. Its our little secret. Just you and me. I’m here for you. Stay thirsty.?Until next time my friend, be flowing.

P.S. How do I be so #winning? ?Good question! ?I listen to my super-fantastic podcast! It’s all about #winning, even while you’re losing. ?You can listen to it here: www.FindYourFlow.com/podcast

Listen and you too can be a winner!