Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Discover why goal setting is important!

Learn How to Stop Procrastinating and Achieve
Your 90-Day Goals

Why is goal setting important?? All the gurus talk about it; S.M.A.R.T. Goals,
K.I.S.S. goals, Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Stretch Goals, Safe Goals,

So, why is goal setting important?? Because most people procrastinate from
time to time. Some people are really good at it.? My wife and I refer to our
oldest son as “the slowest poke” because he is so good at moving so slow.


If you fall into the category of ?an excellent procrastinator,? then it is time to reverse it.
Unless you learn not to put off tasks, you may even read tons of material on 90-day goal
setting and then keeping saying to yourself, ?absolutely, when I get up tomorrow,
I am going to spend the whole day goal planning.? And then do it the next day and
the day after that.

When you look at a health care professional?s idea of why we procrastinate, the
first thing that they mention is, people put off unpleasant tasks because they are
uncomfortable about something. While that is true, it is a simplification. People
also put off things that are not difficult. It is part of the mindset that has
developed over the last 50 years. The world is so hectic, that the little voice in the
background whispers to the person, ?hey, you?re tired, there is 150 television
channels you could be surfing right now.? The bee hive activity that we face on a
daily basis, leads us to look for any reason to put off not only difficult tasks but
items that may even bring us a bit of pleasure?just not enough pleasure to get us
to move.

There are more extreme reasons for procrastinating. People who suffer from
anxiety or a lack of self confidence, will procrastinate in order to avoid painful
experiences like believing they will not understand how to complete a task or that
they will fail, so why even bother trying. This avoidance needs to fixed pronto, in
order to move forward in life with a positive attitude and knowing that they
deserve to succeed.

Overcoming procrastination will be a habit that needs to built. Hourly, daily and
weekly, you will have to put an alert into your brain, to give you a signal when
procrastination starts to occur. We will look at ways to overcome this issue and
let?s start with the easiest one. It is so simple, it may even sound silly but give it a try.

When you mentally tell yourself, ?I need to start planning and writing my
90-day goals,? and you immediately think that going for ice cream might help get you
in the mood?try a simple suggestion.

Tell yourself that you are going to procrastinate right now?on procrastinating.
That?s right, you are going to put off procrastinating and maybe you will
procrastinate tomorrow. Give it a try and in the meantime, here is a list of other methods:

1. The best thing you can do for yourself, is to train your brain to do the
complete opposite. You procrastinate, and you do it well. Try this instead.
As soon as you wake up, think of the hardest, most unpleasant task you
need to do and do it right away. You will get a tremendous blast of energy
and training your brain to react in this way will set you on the path to

2. If the method above is just too shocking for you to even try, then go for this
method. Wake up, pick a task and do it for 3-5 minutes. Need to make
calls? Then pick up the phone and blast them out. Reward yourself with a
hot cup of coffee and do another round of 3-5 minutes. Have long hot
massaging shower and yes, do another 3-5 minutes. The next day go for 5-
10 minutes, doing your calls or whatever you picked. Perhaps it was writing,
and you just keep putting it off. In some Kindle writing groups, they call this
method, ?sprinting.? They blast out words for 20 minutes straight, then
have a reward and blast away again and they tell each other in the group
that they are in the sprint?going as fast as they can.

3. Your mind can take anything and make it seem bigger than it is. Have you
heard a noise in your house and then you start thinking about it? You
wonder if it?s the wind, or something about to break down. Suddenly you
jump to the idea that it might be a robber or worse, attempting to get into
house. You take a simple noise and blow it up it to full blown disaster.
Procrastination can be similar in that you think about a task and suddenly it
becomes a monster. It will eat you alive, so it is better to turn on Netflix
and tomorrow, well tomorrow it will seem easier because you are going to
relax all day and you will be so rested tomorrow. Tomorrow you will slay
that dragon. Stop blowing tasks up into mythical proportions. One step at a
time and get it done.