another Monday. Its amazing how fast time seems to be going right now. summer will be here before I know it. I realize the importance of doing the highest and best activity with my time every chance I can.

but, it does not happen on its own. Which is why I am sitting down with my planner right now.

suddenly I am remembering a friend from the real estate business. he had a poster on his wall that said, ” what is the highest and best use of my time right now?”

unfortunately, he passed away a few months ago.? he was relatively young, probably early forties, he had 2 little girls and a very nice wife.

if I knew that I was going to go in about 7 years, what would be the things that I would want to be remembered for?? what things would I want to complete that could provide most for my family and to help as many people as possible while I’m gone?

what do I need to do this month to make that happen? What about this week? What do I need to do today?