Crappy wordpress, or crappy server. Just wrote whole post, then went to publish it and it didn't save…AAAARRRGG!!!!! 

Ok, second, shorter version…

We had so many visitors or so many requests to the server that they shut down this site! If you tried visiting over Memorial Day Weekend you probably saw that it was not up. 

I tried installing a new plugin to block sploggers (sploggers = spam bloggers).  So far it blocked like 2,929 visits in one day!

And, I'm still getting some (far fewer) but some registrations through the site which leads me to believe that there may be actual real people registering through this very site! AMAZING!  Woo-hoo!

Still don't have my email service back up, but, maybe the stars will align (or I get my s#$t together) and it will be back up and running!


Until then, be flowing my friend.